GAIA Entry Form

Part A: Contact Details

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Part A: Contact Details


Facilities Manager

Part B: Building Details

Part B: Building Details

If yes please provide details or upload certificate
(Including green roof, sky garden etc), m2

Part C: Building Efficiency Indicators

Part C: Building Efficiency Indicators

I) Energy Efficiency Indicator



Air Conditioning

ii) Water Efficiency Indicator

(e.g. through landscaping etc.)
(e.g. moisture sensors, drip irrigation etc)

iii) Use of Sustainable Material/ 3R

(e.g. during construction or remodeling)
(e.g. FSC certified)
(e.g. bamboo)

iv) Outdoor Environmental Site

v) Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ)

(e.g. IEQ parameters - thermal comfort, acoustics, ambient quality, air quality etc.)

vi) Renewable Energy / Green Energy / Innovation

(e.g. solar hot water)

vii) Quality of Services

(pedestrian spaces, green parks, walkways, bicycle lanes etc)
minimise impact on sensitive natural environments (coastlines, mangroves, rivers, ponds and lakes)
(safe and attractive pedestrian spaces, walkways, bicycle lanes)

viii) Other

Submission Guidelines

  1. The Award is open to any building that has been occupied for at least 6 months from date of CCC/CFO issuance.
  2. Eligible shortlisted submission will be assessed by an independent panel of professionals in the green building and construction industry.
  3. Closing date for submissions: All applications must reach IRDA/ online submission before 5 pm, 17th August 2017.
    Language: All entries should either be in Malay or English.
  4. The Organiser’s decision is final and no correspondence or communication will be considered following its final decision. The grading details are confidential and will not be shared.