ISKANDAR MALAYSIA GEARING TOWARDS HIGH INCOME NATION: Memorandum of Cooperation between IRDA and Crescendo International College to strengthen talent supply in the region

ISKANDAR MALAYSIA, TUESDAY, 27 MARCH 2018: Iskandar Regional Development Authority (IRDA) and Crescendo International College (CIC) today signed a Memorandum of Cooperation under the Iskandar Malaysia Professional Certification (IMPC) programme to produce more accounting professionals through CIC’s Future Accounting Professional (FAP) programme at Amari Johor Bahru Hotel.

Datuk Ismail Ibrahim, Chief Executive of IRDA indicated that the partnership between IRDA and CIC is indeed very innovative and effective.
“Through this collaboration there are more opportunities and options in the career path for the SPM leavers whereby they will be trained by Crescendo, hired by the participating companies as apprentices and be certified with a range of ACCA qualification as they progress in their respective career.”

“This collaboration also reflects and strengthens Iskandar Malaysia’s intention in ensuring the growth of the region is a responsibility of all parties be it the public or private sectors,” said Datuk Ismail.

Iskandar Malaysia’s development is already in its 3rd phase and with the theme ‘Sustaining and Innovating’ in focus, today’s initiative is aptly in line with this development phase of the region.

“Since 2006, education has been one of the 9 promoted sectors in Iskandar Malaysia. 12 years down the road, we now have various international and renowned education institutions in the region such as Crescendo International College,” said Datuk Ismail.

According to Mr Fang Kiam Hui, the Chief Executive of Crescendo International College, this FAP Programme is truly innovative. It gives hope to school leavers who face financial difficulties and make possible their dreams of becoming a chartered accountant. To employers, it fills the shortages of junior accounts staff and enables employers to exercise their corporate social responsibilities in training & retaining the young talents of Iskandar Malaysia. My sincere appreciation also goes to IRDA for providing the financial support in the form of grants to the employers such as IMEG, and study loan such as to the school leavers.

The Iskandar Malaysia Professional Certification (IMPC) programme is a training and financial assistance programme for upskilling and providing work experience to employees. The Iskandar Malaysia Employee Grant (IMEG) and the Iskandar Malaysia Professional Fund (IMProF) will be utilized to facilitate and support the implementation of the programme.

About 746,457 jobs have been created since 2007 in various economic sectors including the services sectors such as logistics, creative, tourism and education, since the inception of Iskandar Malaysia. Of these jobs, 15% involved skilled workers and professionals, while 16% were for semi-skilled workers.

“We have set a target of 45% high-skilled and knowledge workers by 2025. This also exceeds the national average of 35% as outlined in the 11th Malaysia Plan. This is indeed an efforts towards becoming a high income nation.

“IRDA welcomes this kind of commitment and encourages organizations that have investment interest in Iskandar Malaysia to collaborate together towards achieving Iskandar Malaysia’s vision of becoming a Strong and Sustainable Metropolis of International Standing,” said Datuk Ismail.

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