Quality Living

The Iskandar Malaysia Social Development Framework is the embodiment of our vision statement, which envisions the creation of a multiracial, multi-religious and multi-national society and community living harmoniously together while reaping the benefits of the expected economic growth and wealth in the region.

Central to the realisation of this prosperous and harmonious society is the focus on ensuring that no marginalisation takes place, and that everyone – regardless of race or economic standing – has access to fair opportunities to participate in the growth story. The second criterion is for the generated wealth to be shared equitably among races and people groups.

Our aforementioned Social Development Mission is translated into the Framework as Desired Social Development End States to enable the formulation of key performance indicators that facilitate effective monitoring.

Desired End States

Socio-Economy Mobility

The ability of people to move up the economic value chain while participating as employees, entrepreneurs or asset owners

Racial Harmony

The attainment and enhancement of harmony and unity among the multi-ethnic populace in Iskandar Malaysia

Equitable Wealth Distribution

The equitable distribution of asset and wealth ownership across the respective races, as well as between the rich and the poor in each community

Quality of Life

A reflection of the general prosperity and well-being of the people

Caring Community

- The building of a society which is truly sensitive to the needs of the less fortunate

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