Latest News: HAB collaborates with local youth communities within Iskandar Malaysia by curating a series of events, workshops and talks where the community from all walks of life can participate and stimulate creative conversations. If you have any collaboration ideas with HAB, we would love to hear from you.

HAB Coffee Chat Session

This session was organized by IRDA and HAB on March 21, 2021 to brief and share the plan for the upcoming Youth Hub development in Iskandar Malaysia.
There are youth representatives from different organizations was invited to participate in the survey regarding the upcoming project.

Home-preneurship Webinar

Homepreneurship Webinar is a program to encourage youth interest in enhancing their skills and knowledge in entrepreneurship and support the youth communities who have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Meeting of Colors

Meeting of Colours (M.O.C) Vol. 1 which was scheduled on 17 till 23 August 2020 has successfully gathered close to 100 youth volunteers to participate in the installation of creative artworks at HAB together with our local talented artists which is apayangfresh, truskaziz, ireentan, jaieramlee, akeemxx and jeps_one.