Rayhan Ahmad, 29, Founder and Full-Time Volunteer at Sekola Baroka.

"Tanggungjawab kita bantu masyarakat sekeliling. Kalau bukan kita, siapa lagi?"

1. What is Sekola Baroka and what was the reason you established this school?

Sekola Baroka is a non-profit school that was initiated by a community organization, Baroka Blessed. The school was established in 2019 to address the social issues among street kids who wander at night-time around Johor Bahru’s city centre without their parent’s supervision. Most of these kids’ parents run the market at Bazaar Karat. The reason why I want to develop this school is to reduce the social issue and urban stress among kids especially in this town through education & culture.

2. How did it started?

In 2017, we start by distributing flyers in the Bazaar Karat area for parents who want to send their kids to our class at Jalan Pahang. The course we provided in 2017 was street theatre education with Sekutu Ghuraba. Then, in 2018, we invite more art and culture-related association to participate in this initiative to teach the kids more about art education such as film, literature, and sculpture. In 2019, crowdfunding was conducted to establish the school. However, the amount received insufficient to bear all the cost. With support from communities, we work hard to gain more funds includes small businesses.

3. What is your experience during MCO and how pandemic Covid-19 affected you and this school?

During the last MCO, we have to shift the class mode from physical to virtual. So, the kids have started practicing using online learning platforms since they cannot come to this school. Learning kits will be provided and send to their home before the class session started. However, issues such as technical problems are always bound to happen and keep disrupting the class.

4. What do you hope to see in the future? 

I hope that our effort in sustaining this school will continue by new legacy and an organization will be established in order to focus on handling issues in this area.

5. Any advice or wisdom to share?

Be more sensitive to the surrounding situation.