Tuan Mulo, 34, Artist & Designer at Kreatif Natif

"Do Good, Die Great"

1. When did you start to have an interest in the arts?

I have interest in the arts ever since I was a kid. In 2004, there was a forum about arts that encouraged me to participate for the first time. So, I actively became a designer since 2004 until now.

2. What does creativity mean to you?

For me, creativity is something where you can express what is in your mind by creating or transform something to a unique form in a different way from how it has normally been done.

3. What is your inspiration? What is your routine to get into your creative zone?

My biggest inspiration is Anime.

Most of the time, once I start my work and running out of ideas, I will stop and jump to another one. I continue my previous work once I got new ideas came to my mind. Other times, I will visit my friends, have random conversations, and catch up on their recent works. Then, new ideas start to come again.

4. What is your experience during MCO and how pandemic Covid-19 affected you?

The beginning of the first MCO was quite terrible for me. There were few projects that I unable to complete and the progress was stopped for 3 months. Also, there were even clients who canceled the job.

However, I still have to work. I started to explore the online market for artists and graphic designers to sell our artworks locally and internationally through an online platform called INPRNT.

5. Have you ever been criticized? How do you deal with criticism?

Sometimes people criticized and gave me negative comments on my designs and artworks. However, it never got in the way of my works. I spend time reflecting on things that I have completed. Make comparisons between my current and previous accomplishment. I listen more to myself.

6. One thing that people do not know about you?

I enjoy most of my free time watching animal videos.

7. If you are not an artist and designer, who are you?

A zookeeper.

8. What is your advices or tips for someone who want to make a passion to paycheck?

First, you have to start with making your hobby as a side-income. In the meantime, you have to build a good network. Meet potential people. Once you feel confident and stable, then you can pursue a full-time career.