Iskandar Malaysia Incentive Support Package (ISP) for Medini

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The following is some of the information for the said incentives:

“The condition for extension of expiry date”

  1. The company must be incorporated under the Companies Act 1965 or 2016;
  2. The company must be a tax resident in Malaysia, as defined in the Income Tax Axt 1967;
  3. The company must have obtained Approved Developer approval from the Ministry of Finance;
  4. The company, in its master layout and building plan(s) for its project in Medini, must demonstrate clearly the key features incorporating one or more of the eight(8) key criteris used in either the Green Building Index (GBI) or GreenRE rating systems, i,e:
    1. Energy Efficiency
    2. Indoor Environment Quality
    3. Sustainable Site Planning and Management
    4. Material and Resources
    5. Water Efficiency
    6. Innovation
    7. Environmental Protection
    8. Carbon Emission of Development

5. The company is strongly encouraged to demonstrate, in its master layout and building plan(s), key features in terms of innovative building design or system that will add-value to one or more of the promoted sectors/ qualifying activities in Medini

Post Approval Condition : The company’s building or buildings in Medini, must attain a minimum GBI certified status of a Bronze GreenRE status (50 points score and above).

For more information, kindly please contact IM Investment Service Centre at or call 07-233 3000.