The ultimate target of Iskandar Malaysia is to be “A Strong and Sustainable Metropolis of International Standing” by the year of 2025.

Iskandar Malaysia is an important region economically and geographically. The region’s Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP) requires the cooperation, support, active participation, commitment and sustained involvement of the many agencies, stakeholders and players at all levels. These actually include the federal, state and local governments, agencies, business communities, local leaders and communities, as well as global industry players.

In order to prepare the CDP, we consulted with the National Physical Planning Council, State Planning Committeee and local authorities within Iskandar Malaysia to ensure every proposal in the CDP are aligned with national and state policies.

We have developed several blueprints with detailed guidelines to implement the CDP. As of 2014, a total of 24 blueprints have been completed out of the total 32 blueprints planned. Some of the blueprints introduced new moves and initiatives such as Low Carbon Society, human capital and safety and security.

Here, we adopt the elements from the Circle of Sustainability which is a holistic and resilient ecosystem anchored by core elements comprising wealth generation, wealth sharing inclusiveness, and resource optimization and low carbon in a continuous cycle.

Wealth generation

We want to ensure our people living in this fast growing region get stable and satisfying income. While our talents are highly skilled, we are able to produce greater value of productivity across the nine promoted sectors.

Wealth sharing and inclusiveness

Iskandar Malaysia aims to achieve equal individual wealth for the community living in Iskandar Malaysia. We want our people to have greater puchase power to move away from poverty and huge gap between poor and rich people in the region. We want our people to enjoy higher incomes that lead to better quality of life and to acquire assets to create more wealth.

Resource optimisation and low carbon

Iskandar Malaysia places high importance on the natural and man-made resources of the region. There are 5 focus areas that provide the direction towards achieving low carbon development and resource optimisation – balanced regional growth, protection and enhancement of natural ecology and green areas, optimising built environment, enhancing urban connectivity and mobility and lastly integrating infrastructure resources.