Promoted Sectors

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Iskandar Malaysia is a destination where you can enjoy state-of-the-art facilities, full infrastructure and a one-stop business centre to ensure business transactions are fast, seamless and convenient.We are set to be a high growth region driven by the services sectors and with continuous support from selected manufacturing sectors especially the existing key economic drivers, namely electrical and electronics (E&E), oleochemical, petrochemical and food processing.To achieve this target, The nine promoted sectors are categorized into two groups namely the core sectors and the emerging sectors.

Core Sectors are sectors that have been long established in Iskandar Malaysia. They are stable economic drivers, with strong horizontal and vertical linkages and a complete ecosystem with high value added and employment contribution to the region. Not all core sectors are strong and vibrant, thus further actions are needed to strengthen them.On the other hand, Emerging Sectors are newly induced. Their horizontal and vertical linkages with other industries have great potential to be developed to drive economic growth.Iskandar Malaysia will continue to grow along its planned growth path and become an internationally competitive and resilient region. Iskandar Malaysia is expected to achieve its growth targets by 2025 and the core promoted economic sectors shall be geared towards higher value added activities and deepening their cluster linkages. On the other hand, the growth of emerging sectors shall be supported by a complete ecosystem. The nine promoted sectors are as follows: