Smart City

The Federal Government has long been cognisant of the importance of upgrading the productivity and living standards of Malaysian cities and has clearly outlined its plans for this in the 11th Malaysia Plan.

To complement the Federal Government’s initiatives, Iskandar Malaysia’s Smart City initiatives will accelerate the achievement of Iskandar Malaysia’s vision and attract talent and investment, while setting a new benchmark for sustainable urban development. IRDA is currently creating a set of Smartcity Recognition Guidelines with the Korean National ICT Promotion Agency (NIPA) to ensure that developers wishing to build Smart Cities in Iskandar Malaysia would have to meet the minimum requirements stipulated in the Guidelines in order to achieve government-sanctioned “Smart City” recognition.

While there are different examples of ‘Smart Cities’ from around the globe, Iskandar Malaysia’s is clearly outlined as a city that integrates the economy, environment and social aspects through the widespread and innovative use of information and communication technologies (ICT) for better quality and sustainable living. This translates into the following six dimensions: