Iskandar Rapid Transit - Official Name of Iskandar Malaysia Bus Rapid Transit (IMBRST)

Iskandar Malaysia, 27 September
Menteri Besar Johor, Dato’ Haji Hasni Mohammad today announced Iskandar Rapid Transit, as the winner of the IMBRT Brand Name Contest for the new Bus Rapid Transit system in Iskandar Malaysia.

The winning name, Iskandar Rapid Transit, submitted by Syazlina bt Jasni, was one of more than 200 entries received by IRDA for the IMBRT Brand Name Contest. The contest was organized by IRDA from April to May 2021. In his speech, Dato’ Haji Hasni Mohammad said that based on the participation and creative submissions from the public that IRDA received, he is proud that the public, namely Johoreans, are excited and looking forward to welcoming the new integrated public transport service in Iskandar Malaysia and the first comprehensive BRT system in Malaysia.

“With our vision for Iskandar Malaysia to be a strong and sustainable metropolis of international standing by 2025, we believe that Iskandar Rapid Transit will increase the mobility of the people in the state and become the backbone of public infrastructure connecting to the main transportation hubs in Iskandar Malaysia, Senai Airport, RTS, Larkin Sentral, Puteri Harbour,” he added.

He also said, integrated, efficient and environment friendly public transport infrastructure will be the catalyst to the economic development of Iskandar Malaysia, thus increasing the socio-economic development of the state, uplift the living standard of the Rakyat, and attracting new investors to the region.

The grand prize winner of the Brand Name Contest will walk away with a RM5,000 cash prize while the second and third place winner will receive RM3,000 and RM2,000 respectively, as well as a one-year Iskandar Rapid Transit Travel Pass each.

Leading up to the Iskandar Rapid Transit operations and as a follow-up to the Brand Name Contest, IRDA will be organizing the Iskandar Rapid Transit Logo Design Contest from November 2021 to December 2021. The 10 winners of the Iskandar Rapid Transit Logo Design Contest will receive a prize money totaling RM15k and a one-year Iskandar Rapid Transit Travel Pass each.

IRDA is appreciative and excited to have the involvement of the public on this project, seeing as Iskandar Rapid Transit is one of the nation’s initiatives to drive recovery. From the onset, Iskandar Rapid Transit, has continuously engaged with the Rakyat in developing the Bus Rapid Transit system through numerous FGD sessions, surveys, exhibitions, displays as well as test rides during the Bus Pilot Test Programme recently concluded. IRDA believes the success of this public transport system relies on the inclusion of the Rakyat’s input and feedback.

To further encourage public’s participation in the development of the service, IRDA will also be organizing Iskandar Rapid Transit Bus Livery and Iskandar Rapid Transit Station Installation Contest in 2022.

The project has identified feeder, direct, and main routes that reach 2,043 kilometers or about 90 per cent of the populated areas in Iskandar Malaysia. When fully implemented, the Iskandar Rapid Transit will be able to connect 55 feeder routes and 44 direct routes with the main route covering 28 stations. More information on the project can be found via official social media channels of Iskandar Rapid Transit.
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