Iskandar Malaysia Expands Partnership With Federal And Johor State Agencies To Boost Data Analytics On Economy And River Quality

Johor Bahru, 27 January
Iskandar Malaysia has announced its partnership with the Department of Statistics Malaysia (DoSM), the Johor State Economic Planning Division (BPENJ), Johor State Irrigation and Drainage Department (JPS) and Water Regulatory Authority Johor (BAKAJ) as part of its plan to boost data collection and data analytics under Iskandar Malaysia Urban Observatory (IMUO) platform, this afternoon.

YAB Dato’ Haji Hasni Bin Mohammad, Menteri Besar Johor, said “I hope that the partnerships today will optimise the usage and sharing of data for better decision making, not only in Iskandar Malaysia but also in the state of Johor. These partnerships are also proof that stronger
and effective data collaboration between the government agencies can be very useful and will benefit the agencies and more importantly, the Rakyat and the private sector that we serve.”

Yang Berhormat Dato’ Dr Badrul Hisham bin Kassim, Chief Executive, Iskandar Regional Development Authority (IRDA) said, “This exchange of cooperation agreement today marks another important milestone in the implementation of the IMUO project in optimising the use and sharing of data for decision making with regard to the planning and development of the Iskandar Malaysia region.”

The collaboration with DoSM is to enhance data and information sharing among agencies as this will enhance spatial planning process. This collaboration also aims to increase awareness on statistic literature among citizens.

With JPS and BAKAJ, the collaboration through the River Monitoring and Management Tools (RMMT) system is expected to support the relevant parties to monitor river quality. And finally, the collaboration with BPENJ is to collate and share data on Johor state’s economic activity.

In the context of Iskandar Malaysia, data and data analysis are key in strengthening the development of this economic region.

Tabulated ‘Age’ data, for example, shows around 46 percent of the population in Iskandar Malaysia are currently under the age of 40. Using this information, IRDA reached out to the Rakyat in this age group to engage, understand and take the necessary steps to ensure their wants and needs are met in line with the development of this economic region.

These include the creation of youth focused agenda, distribution of allocations in the form of aid and training grants, the development of international and regional youth hubs, thenformation of Johor Student Leadership Council and various other matters involving groups focused on entrepreneurship, volunteerism, leadership, sports, arts and local culture.

Another example is the analysis of data on the household income of the Rakyat in Iskandar Malaysia. The analysis indicated that there are groups of Rakyat that need to be further developed to ensure they are not left behind in this rapid development and be able to participate and enjoy the benefits.

Following this, the Kawan Iskandar Malaysia (KIM) project, covering Rakyat in 14 villagers, was initiated to provide appropriate training and grants to strengthen their traditional economy such as eco-tourism.

Earlier in the morning, the IMUO Forum 2021 was organised, with the participation of the local authorities from around Johor, and local and international private institutions, that focuses on sharing experiences on harnessing the full potential of data beyond just creating databases.

“With the theme "Data Analytics for Informed Decision", today’s forum is a clear example of the importance of collaboration in improving the use of data and analysis in future planning andday-to-day management,” said Badrul.
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